Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is mortise and tenon joinery?
Mortise and tenon joinery is a type of woodworking joinery that has been used for centuries and is widely regarded as one of the strongest and most durable methods of joining two pieces of wood. The mortise and tenon joint is created by cutting a rectangular or square cavity, called a mortise, into one piece of wood, and then cutting a corresponding tongue or peg, called a tenon, on the end of another piece of wood. The tenon is then inserted into the mortise and secured with glue or pegs. This method of joinery is superior to other methods for several reasons. Firstly, the mortise and tenon joint provides a strong mechanical connection between the two pieces of wood, which is particularly important for furniture and cabinetry where the joints will be subjected to significant stress and strain. Secondly, the joint is highly customizable, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. Thirdly, the joint is virtually invisible, providing a clean and seamless appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the mortise and tenon joint is easy to repair and can be disassembled without damaging the wood. This makes it an ideal choice for furniture and cabinetry that will be moved frequently or that may need to be taken apart for repairs or renovations. In conclusion, mortise and tenon joinery is a superior woodworking method due to its strength, versatility, aesthetics, and ease of repair. Whether you are building furniture or cabinetry, incorporating this method of joinery into your projects will result in high-quality, durable and long-lasting pieces that will stand the test of time.

Do you offer financing?
Yes! We offer financing through PayPal Credit and Affirm. When checking out choose "Paypal" or "Affirm" as your payment method then follow the links to use Paypal Credit or Affirm.

Where is your furniture made?
Westminster Teak is an American family owned & operated business based out of Live Oak, Florida in the USA. When you purchase from Westminster Teak you are helping to support over 50 American families that live and work in the USA. We have two fully staffed warehouses: one in Live Oak, Florida and the other in Anaheim, California. Our finishing facilities as well as all of our furniture finishing is performed in our state of the art finish room in Live Oak, Florida. Our Montecito Umbrellas are made in the USA, in Southern California. Some of our Sur Last covers are also made in the USA as well. Our furniture is made in our factory in Malang, Indonesia, where the best teak in the world is grown and where the finest artisans are based.der

Do you sell wholesale, to interior designers, to the trade or offer a commercial discount?
Yes, we offer several different programs to suit your needs:
For restaurants, institutions, museums, universities and businesses we offer a generous commercial discount.
We also have a trade partner program and a contract & hospitality program. We also offer dealership discounts for store fronts looking to stock and sell our furniture. Please note that we do not allow others to sell our furniture online.
Please contact us if you are an interior designer, furniture dealer, architect, restaurant, hospitality supplier or landscape designer or visit our trade partner program page or our contract & hospitality program page for more information and to access the trade application.
If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us through live chat, email or by calling us at 888-592-8325.

I am concerned about Rain Forest deforestation. Is the teak wood used in the manufacture of Westminster's furniture certified for sustainable practices?
As one of the leading online distributors of teak furniture in North America, Westminster Teak recognizes the influence it plays on the industry and the impact it has on the environment specifically in regard to forest conservation and management.
We have made it our company’s policy to source our teak wood from well managed, credibly certified plantations. Our factory was the first to join Nusa Hijau, the Indonesian Chapter of the Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN), an initiative of WWF®(World Wildlife Fund) to eliminate illegal logging and improve the management of valuable and threatened forests.
We purchase wood only from Perum Perhutani, the government-managed plantation that promotes biodiversity and the livelihoods of the people that depend on them by allowing multiple crops to be planted amidst teak trees, for the benefits of the local economy. Perum Perhutani offers both SVLK and FSC certified wood. And, because it is the only source in our supply chain for wood base material, we have 100% transparency; we know exactly where all our lumber comes from for every component of our furniture, from the forest floor to retail floor.
All of our teak wood holds SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) or INDO-TLAS (Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System) Certification. SVLK certification not only ensures that only legal timber is exported from Indonesia, but effectively manages sustainable forestry practices while reducing illegal logging and trading. Required by law for Indonesian timber to be exported, you can be assured that the furniture you purchase is a finely crafted product, from legally and sustainably harvested wood.
We also offer FSC Certified Teak Furniture for projects where FSC is required. Please contact us for more information.

How long does it usually take for shipping?
On average it will normally take 5 to 7 business days for furniture to arrive after it has been shipped from our warehouses, depending on which part of the country you are located. If in stock, orders typically leave our warehouse within 24 to 72 hours (excluding weekends) of placing your order. In stock cushions also ship within 24 hours. However, made to order cushion covers normally take 12 to 16 weeks, depending on whether it is peak season or not. In this case, we will ship in stock temporary cushion covers so that you may enjoy your furniture while your made to order covers are produced; you may keep the temporary covers. If some items in your order are not in stock, you may request to hold your entire order until all items are ready to ship.
Please note that some areas are experiencing moderate delays in delivery due to staff shortages and shipping demand. We will work with the shipper to expedite the process. We have staff dedicated to tracking EVERY order to ensure it delivers in a timely manner. If we detect a delay we contact the shipper to get the order expedited.

Do you offer a Lifetime Warranty?
The majority of our all teak furniture comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Since some of our designs are not all solid teak but comprised of mix materials (such as textilene fabric, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum or brass hardware), the warranty may differ from one type of furniture to another. Please see our warranty page for details.

If I order now can I have my order held and shipped at a later date?
Yes! We can hold your order in our warehouse to ship later. Please be aware that due to limited warehouse storage space that if the holding time is more than 7 days then you will be charged a 50% non-refundable fee if paying by credit card then the remainder of the balance will be charged when your order ships. To schedule a delayed shipping date simply let us know in the Shipping Comments of the order form.

Do you offer Glossy Teak Furniture?
Yes, we offer a gloss finish as an optional upgrade. To view examples and more information, please click here and scroll to the bottom.

Do you offer White Glove Delivery Service?
White Glove service includes delivery with appointment, inside delivery, opening and removal of packing materials, and assembly and installation in your room of choice. The average White Glove Delivery Service will add 20% to your total order with a minimum of $250.00.

Do you carry parts or replacement hardware?
Yes, we do carry parts but ONLY for Westminster Teak furniture. Westminster Teak parts ARE NOT interchangeable with other brands. We will have to verify that the parts are for Westminster Teak furniture either by previous order information or a photo of the furniture piece and the Westminster Teak logo (REQUIRED). There are no exceptions.

Do you make custom furniture?
Yes, we can do custom furniture in mass quantities, usually above 10 items depending on the design. Please contact us for more information.

How does your furniture compare to other manufacturer's?
Our First European Quality (FEQ) furniture has been evaluated by thousands of satisfied customers; all of which have come to the conclusion that when compared against the "well known" high end teak outdoor furniture manufacturers, the Westminster teak outdoor furniture purchasing experience, quality AND craftsmanship are equal to, if not better, than the "big names".
On May 24th, 2002, we were ecstatic to learn that our Captain Steamer 2000 was rated Best Overall in The Wall Street Journal for best overall comfort and quality. We put the same dedication into every single piece of teak outdoor furniture we manufacture, knowing and encouraging any doubters to do the comparisons themselves. We are absolutely confident that you could put any piece of teak furniture we manufacture up against any brand name (or less than brand name for that matter) and our quality will prevail.
To read the article in the Wall Street Journal, click here.
To read more about how our teak outdoor furniture is constructed and assembled, click here.

Do you sell wholesale to furniture companies?
Yes! Please fill out our trade request form and we will evaluate your application and let you know of your trade discount, if approved. Please note that we will not approve exclusively online furniture stores.

What do you really mean by Risk-Free-Shopping when buying from Westminster Teak?
When you purchase furniture from Westminster Teak, you are making an investment with one of the finest in the industry. We stand behind the quality of our product. Our No Hassle 30 Day, Full Money Back Guarantee* allows you to return your purchases provided the product and packaging are in the original condition it was sent to you. Simply give us a call or email and we will make arrangements to have the furniture picked up at our expense and we'll give you a full refund or store credit, no re-stocking fee, no shipping or handling fees, No Questions Asked! Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee ensures that you have no risk when making a Westminster Teak purchase. It's just that simple. We only ask that the furniture be packed in its original condition and in the original packing materials when delivered. There is absolutely no risk on your part.

Applies only to Standard Delivery within the Continental USA. Does not include any other special Deliveries including White Glove. Does not apply to Reseller Orders.

Free Return Shipping And unlike our competitors, we will assume the high expense of shipping the furniture back to our warehouse, in the event you are unhappy with the quality of your purchase. Shipping furniture regardless of size is a very expensive affair indeed! This alone demonstrates the absolute level of confidence we have in our product.
Free Return Shipping does not apply to Reseller Orders from Trade Accounts.

Is Assembly Required?
If assembly is required it is usually very little. You can see Assembly Drawings in the information portion of each individual item. The furniture requires very little assembly time, as most of the components are pre-assembled at our factory and can be put together with common every day hand tools (a hammer and a screwdriver). On average it will take approximately 15 minutes per item to assemble the furniture.

  • Folding Chairs require no assembly
  • Stacking Chairs require no assembly
  • Steamer Chairs require no assembly
  • Folding Gate Legged Tables require no assembly
  • Umbrellas require very little assembly (putting the fabric on and connecting the poles)
  • Loungers require very little assembly, if any.
  • Benches, Dining Chairs, Armchairs, Extendable Tables, Coffee Tables, Drink Trolleys all require light assembly, but nothing more than driving pre-made dowels into the pre-drilled holes to lock the mortice and tenon joint into place, which is the time tested joinery method of choice for outdoor furniture. Brass screws are provided where required, and have pre-drilled holes for ease of installation.
  • As a rule of thumb... if you can start a car, you can assemble our furniture.

Assembly instructions are shown on each individual furniture item's product page in the information chart, labeled as "Assembly Drawings"

Is the teak oiled or have a finish on it?
No. The teak furniture comes from the factory kiln dried and ready for assembly. Some customers prefer not to use an oil or finish on the teak, therefore all items come ready to finish if so desired. Applying teak oils will darken the complexion of the wood, giving it a dark rich luster that some people like when used both indoors and outdoors. Some prefer to leave their teak furniture plain and let the natural outdoor patina weather to a silvery gray luster. The choice is always left to the customer for finishing.

Teak Finishes
Although our furniture is unfinished we do have the option for teak finishes that we apply before delivering to you. From Teak Oil to Superyacht Gloss, we have a variety of finish options for you. Because the finishing process can take 2 to 12 weeks depending on the finish, we recommend you purchase early in the season to ensure you will be able to enjoy your furniture during the summer.

Do you offer a printed catalog?
Yes, please click here to request a catalog. Our catalog shows our collections and new release products, however our website shows all of our products.

Do you accept Canadian, International Orders or ship internationally?
We do accept international orders, however due to the high cost of shipping across national borders, we cannot offer free return shipping and the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost. We ship orders to Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and many more. If you are interested in placing an international order, please call us at 1-888-592-8325. Please note that shipping internationally nullifies the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with free return shipping. You will be entirely responsible for any duty, customs, or other fees that are inherited whenever goods cross borders.
Please note that international orders may require wire transfer as form of payment.

Why is there such a price difference when shopping for teak furniture?
When shopping for Teak furniture, first make sure you are buying 100% solid teak. Many competitors disguise the fact that their furniture is either made from Shorea wood or Acacia wood, which is NOT teak by any stretch of the imagination, and/or use a combination of teak and Shorea wood which will not hold up as well as 100% solid teak furniture. Also, it is very important to make sure you are buying teak furniture that is made from "kiln dried" lumber, and not "green" lumber, which has a high moisture content and will start warping over time when left outdoors. Westminster Teak furniture is made from 100% genuine plantation grown solid kiln dried teak lumber from Indonesia, and is of the highest quality you can find anywhere in the world.
Another reason there is such a difference is the quality of work put into the furniture. For instance, you will not find any other brand of teak furniture that has such a smooth, finely sanded finish as Westminster Teak. Cheaper, lower grade furniture is rough to the touch, and mid grade furniture is still nowhere near as smooth as Westminster Teak Furniture. For more details please visit our westmister difference information page.
Customer Service is also another important issue that is often overlooked when ordering teak furniture. At Westminster Teak you will have one representative that can handle your order from beginning to end. We maintain direct contact with you and our shippers to ensure that there are no complications. If a complication arises we go out of our way to ensure that it is handled quickly and to your satisfaction. Other companies will leave you to figure your own problems out. And if you are not satisfied then they make you pay for the return of the furniture. In comparison, we pay for the return of the furniture if you are not satisfied, so you get your entire refund.
Westminster Teak also provides for a lifetime warranty on teak furniture as we expect our furniture to last a lifetime. Most other retailers warranty their furniture for 1 to 5 years. This brings up another benefit of being a Westminster Teak family member: Consistent Collections and Replacement parts. You will always be able to add to your existing collection and obtain replacement parts, if necessary. Many customers come to use requesting parts from other manufacturers because they are unable to acquire parts either because the model was discontinued or the manufacturer is now out of business. Westminster Teak gladly supplies replacement parts for Westminster Teak furniture ONLY.

What's so special about Westminster Teak's furniture. How is it different?
If you want to know more about this click here.

Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau?
Yes! Please click here to review our Better Business Bureau Membership.

Do you offer a military or veteran discount?
Westminster Teak salutes and honors veterans by offering a 5% additional discount to all military personnel, veterans and their spouses. Please confirm and enter the following information into the comments section during checkout:

  • Branch of Service
  • Rank
  • Honorable Discharge

Use promo code VETERAN5 in the shopping cart to apply the discount.
The term "veteran" means a person who served in the active military, naval or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

Do you offer CAD or AutoCAD drawings of your furniture?
Yes! When on the product page look under the main photo for a red button link that says "CADdetails" or visit our page on If you still cannot find the CAD or AutoCad drawing you need then please contact us and let us know what you need.

How long do the finishes last?
The time a finish lasts depends on exposed environmental conditions and whether or not the furniture is covered. Estimates for each finish are stated on our teak finishes page, simply find your chosen finish on the page and you'll see estimated times.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, online checks, paper checks, purchase orders and bank wire transfers (for international orders).
For your convenience we also accept payment through Amazon Pay and Paypal.

Are you hiring or do you have any job openings?
We are always seeking new talent. If you are interested please find us on or send your resume to

Can I order by phone?
Yes. You can call us to order by calling 1-888-592-8325 during normal business hours and one of our knowledgeable customer representatives would be glad to assist you. If you are calling after hours then you may reach our answering service that can take your order or take a message. If you decide to leave a message we will contact you as soon as we can.

Furniture Care - Teak

Do you have Teak Cleaner?

How do I change the fabric on my chair or lounger?
Please contact us and we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to replace your fabric on your chair or lounger.

Should I power or pressure wash my teak furniture
No, pressure cleaning teak furniture will result in raised grains and will increase the likelihood of splintering. Using Teak Cleaner is a safer alternative to pressure washing. If you have already pressure cleaned your furniture then use a 120 grit sand paper to remove the raised grains and then finish with a 220 grit sandpaper to smooth it out.

What options do I have to protect my teak furniture from stains that can come from food and wine?
To protect the furniture from stains and mildew and to keep the graceful silvery-patina of the weathered teak, we recommend the use of Westminster’s teak shield. This will protect the applied areas from spills such as red wine, coffee, or olive oil.
If your furniture is already stained we recommend using our teak cleaner and light sanding with 120 grit sand paper to fully remove the stain.

I love the rich warm tones of oiled teak, but how often should I have to oil my furniture to keep it that way?
We do not recommend the use of teak oil for furniture being placed outside because it increases the probability of mold and mildew. For that that insist, reapplying oil depends on the amount or degree of exposure to outdoor conditions. If your furniture is under the shade most of the day, say under a patio cover or lanai, then it would probably be more than 6 months before you really need to thoroughly re-oil your furniture. If your furniture is placed in an open area, totally exposed to the weather (sun, rain, etc), then you would probably need oiling about once every 2-3 months. Except for the occasional yearly oiling, if at all, ‘oiled’ teak furniture placed indoors or in an enclosed area (not exposed to direct sunlight or rain) is virtually maintenance free.

Can I leave my furniture outside in the rain, sun, and snow all year round?
Absolutely, however, as with all natural materials, the more it is exposed to the environment, the more it will accumulate dirt. Further, subjected to the sun, rain, or snow, the surface of the teak will gradually weather into a soft-silver gray as only the pigments on the surface layer begin to fade. This will not in any way compromise the structural integrity of your furniture.

Can I stain or paint my teak furniture?
One of the unique characteristics of teak is its inherent high content of oil. This distinctive property makes it difficult for paint to adhere to its surface; over time, through changes in temperatures and the seasons, the paint will crack and peel. Painting may also have a secondary impact on the teak wood itself. The wood surface may not have the ability to now “breathe," due to the sealing characteristics of the paint, and may start to develop mold and mildew in the areas where moisture is absorbed through the cracks and peels of the paint over time. This is why we do not recommend painting your teak furniture. Like paint, stain is another form of sealant, though there are types that would allow the teak to “breathe.” Please consult a wood paint specialist to ask a suitable type for your application, i.e. indoor or outdoor. More often than not, the use of a sealant such as stain, oils or varnish, are better suited for indoor use where the furniture is not subjected to the effects of the outdoor environment.

Wasps and bees seem to like my teak furniture.
To keep bees, wasps and hornets away from Teak Furniture, we have included a couple of remedies below:

Vinegar and Water - 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar Spray the affected area thoroughly. This will not damage your furniture.

Vanilla Sticks - Rub the affected area with vanilla sticks as they do not like the scent of this and again, it will not harm your Teak Wood.

Do not use mild soap or water as bees are attracted to this.

How do I care for my teak outdoor furniture?
The short answer is that teak needs no care or special maintenance regimen. Untreated, natural teak (without oil) will weather to a handsome soft-silvery patina within a year or so, depending on the amount of sun and weather it is being exposed to. Mild soapy water, and a soft brush or pad, will clean away any accumulation of dirt. Finish by hosing it down with water. Depending on the environment, you should not have to do this more than twice a year. Over the years, your furniture will weather gracefully. If mold and mildew are persistent then consider using a 1:2 salt water rinse to clean your furniture. For best results, we recommend the use of our teak furniture cleaner.
For those that wish to maintain or restore the original color we have options on our furniture care page.

Do you carry teak oil?
Yes! We carry Amazon's Golden Teak Oil, the best performing teak oil we have seen. We offer two sizes: a 16 ounce size and a 32 ounce size

Furniture Care - Stainless Steel

Why do I sometimes see some spots on the stainless steel products?
Although stainless steel has been generally regarded as the product that does not rust as the word seem to suggest, its surface, though resistant to corrosion, is still subject to cosmetic deterioration. These brown “spots” appearing on the surface may be caused by airborne pollutants in urban areas or salt in areas that are closer to the coast. These discolorations are purely superficial and in no way affect the mechanical strength or integrity of the furniture. To remove these spots please use our stainless steel furniture care kit. Then after it is clean use our ProtectaClear metal protector which will prevent these rust spots from occurring, even in salty environments.

Can I clean stainless steel to its original luster?
Yes. A simple cleaning occasionally will quickly bring stainless steel back to its original luster. Use our stainless steel furniture care kit to remove spots and restore your finish to new. A Rust Preventer is included to prohibit rust from reappearing.

How to order

How do I place an order?
Select an item from the list of products categories or use the search function. To learn more about an item, click on its image. When you’ve decided on your item of choice, put in the quantity, then Click the “Add to Cart” button. You’ve just bought your first item! Review your order then Click “Continue Shopping” or “Checkout”. You will need to fill out a simple form and provide us with your credit card number. We will create an account for you and confirm your purchase via email.

Can I ship to another address other than my billing address?
Yes you can. Just enter the address you wish to have the items sent when you get to shipping information page at 'checkout process'. Its that easy!

Can I order by phone?
Yes. You can call us to order by calling 1-888-592-8325 during normal business hours and one of our knowledgeable customer representatives would be glad to assist you. If you are calling after hours then you may reach our answering service that can take your order or take a message. If you decide to leave a message we will contact you as soon as we can.

Do you charge sales tax?
At this time we charge sales tax for orders shipping to the following states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • Washington

How do I save my shopping cart?
You can save your shopping cart by scrolling down to the bottom and look for the blank to enter your email address. After you enter your email address and click Save a link will be emailed to you that you can click on from any device to retrieve your cart.

What types of payments can I make online?
We accept all major credit cards including American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. Your card will not be charged until product has been shipped.
We also accept PayPal and online checks! With online checks your order ships once funds have cleared.

How do I remove or cancel items from my shopping cart?
Just click on “Remove Item” (Under the product name in the shopping cart) and the item will be removed and your cart recalculated. Otherwise, please call us at 888-592-8325 – Monday to Fri. 8:00am – 10:00pm EST or start and online chat from our "Contact Us" page and one of our Customer Service Representatives can assist you.

Do you give discounts to First Responders?
Yes, please confirm and enter the following information into the comments section of the shopping cart during checkout, which is all subject to verification:

Use promo code THANKYOU5

The term "first responder" is a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorism. First responders typically include law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT's and firefighters.

I recently purchased an item that has since dropped in price. Can I get a price adjustment?
In the unlikely event an item's sale price drops below what you paid Westminster Teak will refund the price adjustment in the amount of the price drop within 30 days of your original purchase. Adjustments will be offered in the form of a cash or credit refund. Please contact us by phone (1-888-592-8325) or email with your Order Number and we will be glad to assist you.

Shipping and returns

Are all items on your website in stock?
All furniture items are in stock unless otherwise noted by a shipping date (it will say "Ships on or about"). That means the furniture is expected to arrive shortly before that date and will ship to you soon after it's arrival.
Cushions, Covers, Sling Fabrics and Umbrella Fabrics are made to order and are not in stock. If you order a fabric that is made to order then we will ship a temporary fabric to use while waiting for your made to order fabric.

How do I return an item?
In the event you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply call or email us and we will make arrangements for a pick-up. All you have to do is to make sure that the product is in 'like new condition' and is repacked with the original packaging materials. It's that simple! Pending inspections, a refund will be issued for the full value of your purchase.

ALL SALES OF NON-STOCK CUSHIONS, INCLUDING C.O.M. (Customer's Own Material) ARE FINAL AND NOT RETURNABLE, unless error is manufacturing.

What options do you offer in shipping the products?
To further ensure that we meet every customer's unique needs, we offer you the following delivery options:

Standard shipping is curbside delivery only. It is the customer's responsibility to assist in the delivery if necessary and to remove all packaging materials which could include cardboard cartons as well as a protective wooden crate. Additional levels of delivery are available as optional choices.

This level of delivery service offered for those who prefer to have their furniture placed in the 'room of choice' at the point of delivery. We highly recommend this service to those customers whose dwelling includes apartments and multi-unit high-rises or office buildings. Inside Delivery does not include opening and removal of the packing materials. It also does not include the assembly of furniture or moving of existing items at customer's premises. Following are pricing structure for Inside Delivery:

  • Inside Delivery - Ground Floor: Add $250.00
  • Inside Delivery - Above Ground Floor w/Elevator: Add $300.00
  • Inside Delivery - Above Ground Floor without/Elevator: Add $400.00 (1st floor) +$50.00/floor

White Glove Delivery is full service. Your furniture will be delivered to the location of your choice, assembled and all delivery packaging will be removed. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and is the most hassle free option.

Do you offer White Glove Delivery Service?
White Glove service includes delivery with appointment, inside delivery, opening and removal of packing materials, and assembly and installation in your room of choice. The average White Glove Delivery Service will add 20% to your total order with a minimum of $250.00.

How long after placing the order will my furniture arrive?
Orders will ship from either our Florida or California warehouses within 24 business hours if items are in stock. Depending on your location from the shipping warehouse and under normal circumstances, orders will deliver anywhere in the Continental USA within 2-5 business days from the day that the order is placed. Please note that only in stock cushions are shipped together with the furniture. Otherwise, made to order cushions or umbrella fabrics are shipped separately from our vendors and usually take 6-12 weeks to deliver, depending on the off/on season. Please call 888-592-8325 and a customer service representative will be glad to assist you if your shipping needs including international orders.

How will my furniture be packaged for shipping?
We take pride in how we build our furniture and care very much in ensuring that you will receive them as beautifully as they were made, at your doorstep. We've made every effort (and are always striving to improve) to make sure that every piece of furniture reaches your home the same way it left our warehouses. The packaging of every box is inspected before each shipment. Most packages (except for small boxes) are often hand-crated before they leave our warehouses.

In Stock: Ships in 24 to 72 hrs
Indicates that under normal circumstances your order will ship within 24 to 72 hrs from the time your order is placed excluding weekends or holidays. This normally means either the same day or the next day and is automatically included with normal ground shipping. Friday orders after 2 pm EST and all Weekend orders will ship on Monday.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship international, to all countries. Additional shipping charges will apply. Please contact us for details about other destinations, additional shipping costs and customs clearance.

Do you accept Canadian, International Orders or ship internationally?
We do accept international orders, however due to the high cost of shipping across national borders, we cannot offer free return shipping and the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost. We ship orders to Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and many more. If you are interested in placing an international order, please call us at 1-888-592-8325. Please note that shipping internationally nullifies the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with free return shipping. You will be entirely responsible for any duty, customs, or other fees that are inherited whenever goods cross borders.
Please note that international orders may require wire transfer as form of payment.

Order Tracking

Is there a way I can track my furniture during shipment?
Yes! Each order has a tracking number assigned to it from our shipping vendors, which allows you to track the shipment. The tracking number is sent with an email as soon as the order is shipped from our warehouse. For orders other than those shipped via UPS, the shipping company will contact you once your order arrives in your region. They will call you and ask for you to schedule a delivery appointment, at your convenience.

The ship date of my back ordered items has changed.
If the arrival date of back ordered items has changed on your order status page or on our website please do not worry as we will ship your order according to the date on your ORIGINAL EMAIL RECEIPT. This happens because more items were sold and the Arrival date changed to the next incoming shipment.

Furniture Covers

Are protective covers necessary?
No, teak is an extremely hardy wood and needs no protection from the elements when it is unfinished. If your teak is finished then covering it will preserve the finish for a longer amount of time.
Each item should have a matching furniture cover listed in the "Optional Items" section of the product page. Or you can click here to see all covers.

Do you offer Furniture Covers?
Yes, we do offer Furniture covers! Teak Furniture Covers can be found here.
Since covers are made to order not all of our products have an associated cover assigned. We can still however produce the cover for you. For most furniture items the matching cover is listed under the "Optional Items" section for each piece of furniture.